Thank you for your interest in La Mariposa! Here you can find answers to commonly asked questions. For downloadable handouts or if your question is not listed or answered here, please feel free to contact us at info@togetherforlatinas.org.

Q: How is La Mariposa different from other programs for girls?

A: La Mariposa is the only research-based, gender-specific program that is strengths-based, culturally-sensitive (and rooted in the Latina experience), and trauma-informed. In the development of La Mariposa, the cultural foundation is the experience of Latina girls, with discussions and activities that encourage girls to discover their unique truth.  Through open dialogue about the Latina experience, girls will explore the impact of the values, norms and beliefs that impact them in their lives, especially those that present barriers to a healthy, happy life.

Q: Is La Mariposa a prevention program or an intervention program for Latina girls?

A: La Mariposa is a “personal empowerment program” that can be used in both intervention and prevention settings.

Q: How do I bring the La Mariposa program to my facility or school?

A: La Mariposa is available for purchase via our website. Facilitation requirements include Latina staff and/or willingness to contact with Latina facilitators to serve as role models.

Q: How many facilitators are required to run a group?

A: The curriculum is delivered by two facilitators. It is highly recommended that one be of Latina descent. This approach ensures there is a Latina role model and encourages young Latinas to see that women can collaborate across ethnicities which is critical in the community and workplace.

Q: How many girls do you suggest participate in one group?

A: La Mariposa is facilitated in a closed group setting with a maximum of 10 girls per group. Best practice suggests a group size between 6 and  8 girls, providing each the space and attention she needs to benefit from peer support, group activities, and discussions.

Q: What age range is the curriculum designed for?

A: La Mariposa is for girls ages 12-18. Clustering groups by age and level of development (emotional, cognitive) is encouraged to ensure optimal engagement.

Q: How long does the group run?

A: The new model is twelve sessions and can be facilitated once per week for 12 weeks, or twice per week for six weeks.

Q: What is the cost for the program model and what is included?

A: The cost for La Mariposa Program Model is $199 (including shipping within the US) and includes the Facilitator’s Guide, the 12-Session Curriculum, handouts, and a cerificate of completion for each participant.

Q: Are materials included in the purchase price?

A: Session materials are not included in the purchase price. Many craft stores and discount department stores have materials needed for the program.

Q: Is there a training event I can participate in?

A: The La Mariposa Program Model was written for experienced facilitators and is self-guiding with helpful features such as: tips for preparation and setting the tone, the purpose of the session, what to expect, sample scripts, and step-by-step instructions for each session.

Q: Where can I get a PDF of the program handouts / certificate?

A: To access the downloadable files, we ask our customers to contact us at info@togetherforlatinas.org