Get Involved!

Get Involved

The Latino population is growing faster than any other group in the United States. In the next forty years the Hispanic population will triple in size, yet many of today’s young Latinas lack positive role models in their lives. In fact, many young Latinas in the United States are in a state of crisis. They need to know we care about them. Together we can provide the support they need to realize their full potential, and in doing so, help shape the future of our country. Here’s how you can do your part:

As a Facilitator

As a Latina woman you have the unique power to influence our young hermanas. You represent what is possible. Who better to engage them than one of their own? Non-Latinas play an important role, too! Your involvement as someone who cares for their well-being will help them see that non-Latinos can care, too. As facilitators of La Mariposa, our newly expanded empowerment program grounded on evidence-based principles, your success stories can deliver an impressionable dose of inspiration. Click here to learn more.

As a Committee Member

Share your talents or learn a new skill. We have opportunities for you to help with our Marketing or Fundraising events. Have fun meeting others while working together to make a difference. All are welcome. Contact us today!

As a Board Member

Some of the benefits of serving on a nonprofit board include: giving back to the community, sharing your talents, developing your leadership skills, being recognized for your contributions, learning new skills, meeting new people with a similar passion, and knowing you are making an impact. Click here to inquire or call us at (860)226-6772.

Other Ways to Help

  • Recommend a provider! Do you know of or work with a youth center, school, or agency that may be interested in La Mariposa? Let us know! 
  • Subscribe to our newsletter to stay up-to-date and to learn more about our upcoming events.
  • Share our newsletter! Let others know about us. Together for Latinas is a collaborative effort to support the advancement of our Latina youth. Thank you for caring!