Our Impact

The need for role models, their stories and life tools for success

Statistics tell us that young Latinas are attempting suicide, dropping out of high school and becoming young mothers in alarming numbers. Many sources confirm that regular exposure to positive role models can help them become receptive to learning from their shared experiences.

We invite you to learn more about the challenges our youth face and ways we can all support their healthy development.

Listening to Latinas: Barriers to High School Graduation

Understanding Why Latinas Attempt Suicide


Program participants gain confidence and a sense of control over their future, having seen first-hand that it can be done. They leave empowered with tools to help them realize their full potential.

“I liked how the Latina A.R.M.Y. program engaged my interest in finding my inner self. Everything was wonderful. I’d love to come back!”

15 yr. old student, New Haven, CT

“…It was like two angels were sent to us to tell us that we were going to be ok. That we can and will fulfill our dreams and aspirations. That we were beautiful and that no matter what anyone told us we were special. I never forgot that conversation and I want to thank them for it because it opened my eyes to so many things around me… I think that the seminar will help other girls because we all go through the same phase, we doubt ourselves and our capabilities, we have low self-confidence even though others may not agree with us, we all have negative thoughts about ourselves and about whatever is bothering us. I feel that the seminars will open their eyes as it has mine, and show them that they are all beautiful and that they can and WILL make it in whatever they decide to pursue after high school. ”

16 yr. old Central High School student, Bridgeport, CT

“This workshop has helped me branch out and realize who I really am.”

15 yr. old Hill Regional Career High School student, New Haven, CT

“I hope other girls get a privilege to experience this. I hope that this workshop can expand to help others!”

West Haven High School student, CT

"The organization has offered me many advantages career wise and personal wise. Through this organization, I have learned to develop a stronger sense of who I am and become more confident about my goals and future. Many of the activities we’ve done in the sessions have helped me to cope with much of the stress of making decisions and what to do when I’m feeling discouraged or discontent with my surroundings. One of the activities that I’ve learned to use successfully was journaling. I remember the significance of writing in a journal when I was young. I used it as a means of dealing with the little anxieties I faced. My journal, then, was my friend; my go-to object when I needed to say something but couldn’t say it to anyone. But, now, a journal means more than just a notebook filled with things not meant to be heard. I have learned to use it as a device to help me in many life situations."

16 yr. old New Haven, CT (2010)



“Many of the staff don’t know Spanish or don’t understand the culture, so we have a hard time helping (the Latina students). They need to see that there are professional women out there who have come from different countries who have made it. Then they’ll believe that they can do it, too.”

Lisa O’Leary ESL Teacher West Haven High School, CT

“… always punctual and very professional Together For Latinas volunteers bring a powerful message to a captivated audience every time they present. …Many of the students are very willing to share stories and feelings due to an excitement these women are able to elicit in them. Many students cannot wait to return to the second session to share the successes they have had implementing what they have learned.”

Lisa O’Leary ESL Teacher West Haven High School, CT


At Together For Latinas, Inc. we aim to provide an effective empowerment program that results in positive outcomes for our youth.  In 2011 we hired an independent consultant to complete an exploratory study to help us understand our program’s impact.

Pre and post assessment results demonstrate that girls’ behaviors improved in skill areas that support good decision making, future planning, and healthy boundaries, after participating in the TLA Program, which validates that the program achieves its intended outcome. According to the study, the prepost survey uncovered several positive outcomes in most areas.

Gains were achieved in (1) the number of times in the past month a girl wrote in a journal (66% increase); (2) girls reported levels of gratefulness (67% increase); (3) the number of positive role models in their lives (25%); (4) their likelihood of graduating (20%); (5) if they make plans for achieving their goals (17%); (6) that they have good boundaries (14%); and (7) that they list out their goals related to future achievements (7%).

As a result of this learning, TLA spent the last two years enhancing its core program model to include evidence-based elements of gender responsive and culturally competent programming that is strengths based and trauma-informed. The result is La Mariposa (The Butterfly), a unique 12 session empowerment program for Latina girls ages 12-18.

We are excited to have learned how we can be even more effective in assisting girls to achieve their aspirations. To this end, we will continue to actively secure funding to invest in our program and help expand our reach so we can support the healthy development of underserved first and second generation Latina girls.